Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Souper Jenny in Atlanta, GA

The old standby soup + sandwich + salad lunch combo is probably one of my favorites. I am unabashedly a huge Panera fan (the summer poppyseed salad - yes please!) but I'm also always out to try new casual lunch spot.
Maybe I've just been away from home for too long, but Souper Jenny's concept is something that I generally associate with DC dining: a little mix of casual, hipster, farm fresh, simple food with particular attention towards local ingredients and seasonality. 
Super Jenny's menu rotates a selection of soups, salads, sandwiches, and dessert items such as cookies, bars, and brownies. Soups are also sold by the pint for eating at home. 

The pricing is a bit high for Atlanta standards, but not much different from what I would typically pay for in Atlanta. 
One thing that short of irked me (given the price) is that nothing is made to order. Instead, Souper Jenny operates on a conveyor belt-like system where your order is simply plucked or scooped out of a master batch and put on a plate. However, everything I had did taste extremely fresh despite having a line out the door, I was able to move down the line fairly quickly. 

My friends and I ordered a mix of salads and soups. The kale salad (pictured below) was augmented with bits of sweet, crisp pear and rubbed thoroughly to get rid of any bitter bite. It definitely was the highlight of the meal! Even though the food was extremely simple and something I could make myself, if I lived in the area, I would definitely be back again for a quick bite or to pick up a few pints of soup for an easy weeknight dinner. 

Souper Jenny
Souper Jenny on Urbanspoon
Souper Jenny on Urbanspoon
1082 Huff Rd
Atlanta, GA 30318