Thursday, April 9, 2015

Takorea in Atlanta, GA

I think I've mentioned before that I'm not a big fan of fusion cuisine. That being said, Mexican/Tex-Mex is not really my thing either (psst, I don't like Chipotle). 


Now that you are all revived from the shock and horror of those two pieces of information (don't worry guys, I'm CPR certified! I got you), let me tell you why I'm lovin' on Takorea.

Located within walking distance of Georgia Tech (yes, ya girl has personally tested this out for you), Takorea is a fast paced casual restaurant with locations in Midtown and Dunwoody with an energetic flare bringing traditional Korean flavors to the general public. I can't help but think that with its dim lighting, eclectic decor, and of course clientele, the Midtown location absolutely screams "college bar," not that it's a bad thing. 

I dropped by (or rather coerced -ahem-forced-ahem- some friends to take me) for dinner when I was home for spring break and spending a day at Georgia Tech. 

Sesame fries // chipotle ketchup // 4.25
Drizzled with fragrant sesame oil and tossed in a salty-sweet-spicy seasoning base, these fries were at the top of the recommendations list my friends armed me with. I really couldn't tell the ketchup was all that different from my trusty ol' Heinz, but trust me when I say that these babies don't need anything else. The seasoning coating gave the fries an extra layer of crunch that held up down to the very last one (not that these lasted all that long). 
Gogi nachos // pork belly + jack cheese + jalapeƱos + tako sauce + red sauce // 8.5
Remember the orange wanna-be cheese sauce that came with public school nachos? Turn your noses up all you want, but I absolutely love that stuff. Topped with a generous squirt of gochujang-based sauce and a heaping helping of grilled pork belly. Fatty, crunchy, smokey, sweet, spicy. I think you get the picture.

Chicken and fish tako // 3.25-4.25
Personally I didn't think the takos were all too special and a bit hefty in price for what you get, but then again I'm just not a huge fan of tacos in general. However, they were quite filling and one on top of all the appetizer munchies was enough to fill me (and I'm a bottomless pit, so that's saying something!)

Banchan // tako salad + sesame spinach + napa kimchi // 5
Maybe it's just a personal thing, but no meal feels complete without a bit of crunchy fiber (vegetables for all you normal folk), so a trio of banchan were in order. Of course, I couldn't expect flawlessly fermented kimchi, but the plate was tasty and nice to offset all of the heavy pork belly and fries I shoveled down my mouth hole.

I can see why Takorea is so popular with my friends back home: it's cheap, delicious, and caters to a whole range of tastes. If I were in Atlanta, I'd be back more than a handful of times.

Takorea on Urbanspoon
818 Juniper Street
 Atlanta, GA 30308