Monday, March 16, 2015

&pizza in Foggy Bottom, DC

DC has its fair share of fast-casual, chose-your-own-adventure food establishments. From customizable bibimbap bowls at Triple B Fresh, southeast Asian inspired at ShopHouse, Indian creations at Merzi, Mediterranean at Roti, if you can wrap it or toss it together in a bowl, it's probably been covered.

&pizza takes the fast-casual movement a bit further to bring customized pizzas without having to wait for delivery. Instant gratification. It makes everything taste so much better.

I know customizable pizzas are nothing new, but &pizza changes the game up by offering unique, fresh ingredients that creates a taste and texture experience that just can't be matched by delivery. And besides, in typical DC fashion, it has to be one part healthy mixed with two parts hipster, right? 
Start off with a traditional or ancient grain crust and slather on a layer of sauce. The choices are slightly overwhelming but at least there is a bit for everyone. From the more common (read: classic, not boring) red and white sauces to more adventurous finds like red chickpea puree or mushroom truffle, &pizza has got you covered. 

After piling on your (unlimited) cheese and meat toppings, the raw dough goes from a quick conveyer ride that leaves the crust perfectly baked and cheese beautifully oozy, you can add on the finishers to really fancy up the pizza. And besides, having some greens on that pie makes it basically a salad, right?

One of the best things about &pizza is how vegan friendly it is. Not only are there plenty of animal-free toppings to ensure that you'll never miss the meat, they also offer daiya, my vegan cheese of choice and for a lactose-challenge person like yours truly that's really a great thing. 
If all the topping options are too much for you, &pizza does have some pre-made combinations, but if you're anything like me, then you'll just pile everything on. 

Farmer's daughter // spicy tomato + spinach + homemade mozzarella + italian sausage + farm eggs + red pepper chili oil + parmesan 

For about 8 dollars and some change I have enough pizza to feed a small country. Or just myself. &pizza. Go. Take me with you. 

&Pizza on Urbanspoon
&Pizza on Urbanspoon
1400 K St NW
 Washington, DC 20005