Saturday, March 7, 2015

[Brunch revisits] Founding Farmers in Foggy Bottom, DC

"So...this is my third weekend in a row going to Founding Farmers for brunch."
Angela: *holds out hand and pats me*
"Are you trying to give me an intervention?"
"No, take me with you."

Okay, so yes I've been brunching at Founding Farmers for the last three weeks in a row. But here's the dirty little secret - I have absolutely no regrets (though my wallet is singing a completely different song.)
I've mentioned before that Founding Farmers is my favorite restaurant in DC and whenever I have people visiting from out of town making that coveted week-early reservation is top priority. Although I enjoy the uber affordable breakfast at sister-store Farmers Fishers and Bakers, I have yet to bring myself to shell out the $30 for their breakfast buffet (though I'm sure it's worth every single penny.) 

Founding Farmers on the other hand serves a more traditional version of brunch (but with the complete quality and flawless execution that's become their standard and trademark - who else can make just bread and eggs taste so delicious?!?!?!)
I was only able to bring my camera to capture one of my brunchin' adventures, but I can assure you that everything is absolutely delicious! If you're strictly here for the brunch menu, it's served until 2PM, but if you want a little mix of both the lunch + dinner menu is served from 11 AM onwards.

Some quick recommendations are:
  • Uncle Buck's Beignets: if you know me in real life and still haven't heard me rave about these giant clouds of perfect then do you really know me?
  • Chicken & Waffles from the lunch + dinner menu: yes, there is a difference! Any southern gal will tell you that chicken & waffles taste best when it's made with bone-in cast-iron skillet fried chicken and that's exactly what the portion from the lunch + dinner menu serves! The brunch version is a bit cheaper, but uses chicken tenders so I say spend the extra $3 and get the good stuff! Portions are HUGE so you can definitely share with a friend (or a small country.)
  • Farm Breads: when you get a choice of bread, always choose the ciabatta. Founding Farmer's house-made ciabatta is the perfect mx of slightly sour yeasty goodness, chewy-yet-airy interior, and perfect crunchy crust (see below or here
  • Skillet Corn Bread: it's in a cute little skillet and has little corn kernels in it! 'Nough said.
  • Red Velvet Pancakes: I think the name speaks for itself. Absolutely massive, bright red pancakes topped with a cream cheese drizzle. Perfection.
  • Anything with bacon: Like the ciabatta, Founding Farmer's bacon is so normal yet so...exceptional. Thick and meaty, it's absolutely ruined all other types of bacon for me. Oh and insider tip: upgrade and get it black pepper maple glazed. Yum. 
To be honest, if I were to give you a full list of recommendations, then I'd just be handing you the Founding Farmer's menu. No, I'm not sponsored but that would be nice -nudge nudge- (along with a lifetime supply of beignets, please and thank you!) But enough of me babbling, I'm sure you guys just want to see the food.

Goat cheese & beet hash // onion + bell pepper + hollandaise + poached egg + ciabatta // 12
Lately I've really taken a liking to goat cheese (spinach + strawberries + goat cheese + slivered almonds with a poppyseed dress = absolute perfection!) so the goat cheese and beet hash immediately  popped out at me. Topped with two perfectly runny poached eggs and a light touch of hollandaise sauce, it's a riiiicchhh way to start off the day. Tangy and earthy from the toppings in a sea of perfectly browned and crunchy leek hash browns - the flavors are decadent but I did not end up feeling heavy or weighed down!

Founding Farmer's breakfast // two poached eggs + leek hash browns + black pepper maple glazed bacon + ciabatta // 12
Angela has made a reappearance on the blog! A couple things about brunch with Angela: she shares my love for Founding Farmers, she loves her bacon, she always gets poached eggs. Even though just about every place that serves brunch has a similar plate to this, Founding Farmer's quality makes it stand out. Every bite was delicious, fresh, and well prepared from start to end. 
Founding Farmers
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