Monday, September 8, 2014

Review: Good Stuff Eatery in Georgetown, DC

Mondays are rough. 'Nough said.

Mondays are better with Prez Obama. Applewood smoked bacon + onion marmalade + horseradish mayo on a sweet and buttery Pennsylvania Dutch roll, nix the cheese and "cluck it" (chicken breast instead of a beef patty). Mondays are much, much better.

Friendly employees and quick service
After a summer apart, my ex-roomate and I decided to go on a nice dinner date and catchup session and where else would two Georgetown students go to get a bite on a weeknight than M Street? Kintaro was closed (sigh), so Good Stuff Eatery looked like a great option. Cheap, fresh, fast, and portable.

See those condiments? Get them. Get every single one.
It was my first time, so I took up her recommendation and I mean, I really can't go wrong with bacon and the president, right? We ordered our burgers, filled way too many condiment containers with their multitude of flavored mayos, grabbed our food and a year's supply of napkins, and headed down to the waterfront.

Eagerly waiting for our food
Other locations in the US

President Obama makes a darn tasty sandwich: chicken perfectly juicy with a hint of smokey char, sweet onion marmalade, smokey, substantial bacon, and mayo with just a hint of spice. My only complaint was that the bun was a little too soft and didn't hold up well to the sauces and flavors. Think Hawaiian bread; you know, those cute little sweet buns sold in packages of two or four in the grocery store. But for about $8 and no tip in DC? Perfect.

Not the prettiest presentation, but hey, it was relish!
She had the Spike's Sunnyside, which was served on a brioche bun. It stood up a lot nicer and I wish all the burgers came with it. 
Good food+great company+cheap prices leaves a very happy me.

Oh, and if you plan on going, do yourself a favor and order a side of fries just so you can try out the different sauce. They are to die for.

Yes, Good Stuff, you really are great. I'll be back.

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