Sunday, September 7, 2014

Musings: New year, new goals!

Even though I'm technically a week into the school year, but I wanted to make a goal for this year anyways, just for me to have something to hold myself accountable and to look back at in May to see how far I got.

So without much ado, my goals for this (school) year:

1. Break the Georgetown bubble at least once a week
2. Find at least five hidden-gem restaurants/bakeries
3. Socialize more: party, stay up late, have fun, be a college student
4. Prioritize my time better. Don't procrastinate as much
5. Get to know the people on my dorm floor and actually hang out with them
6. Befriend my RA. She's really cool
7. Take a night walk to the moments
8. Spend a day at the Smithsonian by myself
9. Go to the Kennedy Performing Arts Center at least once
10. Sit on John Carroll's lap and get photographic evidence
11. Watch a TED Talk at least once a week

I am, as you can tell, beyond excited for this year. A year without anorexia. 365 days ED free. That sounds fabulous.