Saturday, October 4, 2014

Review: Mai Thai in Georgetown, DC

Mai Thai, oh Mai Thai. It's that quintessential Georgetown student spot for a bit of Asian flavour.

A great ambiance with patio and indoor dining options
It's almost like a love-hate sort of thing. It's close to campus, tastes good, and a bit less expensive than the places on M while still being a bit classier and more date/celebration worthy than places like Harmony Cafe or China Kitchen No. 1 (which are both delicious in my point of view - just greasy, cheap, and quick enough to be oh so satisfying for that broke college student's wallet and soul - but more on that later).
The happy birthday girl. Happy 21st, Jema!
But with all that said, we go way to often for our own good. After all, who can't resist the "free entree on your birthday" promo? Which is exactly why I took my roommate there for her birthday lunch.

Spicy Ginger Chicken

Spicy Ginger Chicken - oh that hit the right spot. I absolutely love ginger and the lack flavour at Leo's is certainly not helping the cause. Crunchy peppers, green beans, and asparagus, lean chicken, in a slightly sweet, spicy sauce...yum! Make sure you ask for the pepper condiments and spice to your heart's desire.

My roommate got the Penang Soft Shell Crab - a whole deep fried soft shell crap resting atop five stalks of asparagus over a pool of creamy Penang curry sauce. She thoroughly enjoyed it.

Penang Soft Shell Crab

So yes, would I return to Mai Thai? Of course. It's convenient, tasty, and a great place for birthdays. And the drunken noodles - oh my goodness - you have to try it out!

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