Monday, May 12, 2014

Updates: I've been a bad blogger

Yes, yes, I know. No posts in two weeks; I've been a terrible blogger. I was in full swing of moving out of my dorm, finals, and then flying home for college, but still, not excuse for not posting just once a day. I'm terribly sorry.

To update you guys on what's going on, I am officially done with my freshman year of college. I flew back home on Saturday night (May 10th) and spent the night in with my parents and boyfriend. Mommy, per usual, made me a delicious home cooked meal. Can I say how much I love my mom? She always goes out of her way whenever I come home just so I can be happy and relaxed. I feel like such a princess at home.

Yesterday morning (May 11th), I took my mom out to get a new hairstyle for her mother's day present. She looks absolutely fabulous: shoulder length wavy perm with some side-swept bangs. Now all I need to do is to wait a few weeks and then help her dye her roots and it will all be perfect. After the hair salon, my mom and I got some food at this local Chinese food court before I had to go to work. Yup, first day back home and I'm back at work again. To be honest though, I love this job: I host at a Japanese restaurant. My boss is super nice, the chefs are sweet, I like the wait staff, and I'm good at my job. The only disappointing thing is that I'm working lunch all week, which is oh-so slow and boring.

But yeah, that's the update for now. I'm back home for the summer and it feels great!