Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday morning positivity #3

I can't believe that I've actually been consistently blogging for three weeks now. I mean, sure, I kept up my tumblr for about two years, but that's sort of different from blogging because tumblr is more of a social media them anything else.

Though I don't have too many posts right now, I am actually enjoying looking back at the old posts and seeing what I was thinking just three weeks ago. This was a great idea and I truly hope that I keep it up. I mean, the bloggers I follow quite consistently, like Xiaxue or Chowtimes, I wonder if they look back at their first ever posts and think about those years. I must be a great time machine, but probably also super cringe worthy and embarrassing for them. Haha.

Things I am thankful for:

  • I had a great weekend catching up on some me time
  • Half off ShopHouse today with the roomie! Look for a review on it coming soon
  • I'll be home in less than a month
  • The semester is coming to an end, thank goodness
  • I wasn't fined the nearly $300 for my library books
  • Shuwen treated me out to brunch yesterday at J. Paul's even though I was expecting to treat her
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