Friday, August 14, 2015

So I tried to WIAW...and failed

I know I've put up a few "daily eats" posts on this blog before, and honestly every time Wednesday rolls around, I try and wish that I could have a cute little #WIAW blog to put up and join in the linkup party with, but every week I fail miserably to capture a full day's worth of food. Usually it ends up being a snap shot of breakfast and maybe a snack in the morning and next thing I know my phone is has a month's worth of breakfasts stored on it and not much else.

Real life: most my meals are eaten on the go, packed, out of tupperware, or piled up in a hodgepodge that took 5.678 seconds to throw together.

But for blogging purposes aside, I'm okay with, if not happy, that I am neglecting to photograph every single bite that I pop into my mouth. Hold on while I find the right lighting+filter combo to this piece of sugar free gum.


But jokes aside, I remember very early on in my recovery journey, I would photograph every meal and document it on my Instagram (yup, scroll down my feed enough and the evidence is still there). Not only that, but I had to make sure that every meal I ate looked nice and was artfully (and probably symmetrically) presented. Despite this overwhelming need obsession with documenting my intake, I always felt weird about other people catching me take the pictures, even if it were just my parents (haha, but if it's with the DSLR for a restaurant review, it's a whole different story - absolutely no shame. My friends can testify); I always knew that taking a picture of my banana is just not normal behavior, yet I couldn't shake it off. It was as if unless I had photographic evidence, my intake wasn't validated. I had to prove something to either myself or the recovery community, but in retrospect, what did I need to prove? Nada.

 But actually, my friends know this scene way too well

So why am I telling you this? Because I see this as another step in my eating disorder recovery by dropping not only my restrictive behaviors, but also food rituals (though being completely transparent, I still do some strange things that I am working on correcting).

And as I typed this up, I scarfed down my lunch at my internship. Paper plates, plastic silverware, and lunch break multitasking at its finest.

So tell me:

Do you enjoy WIAW's? If so, which ones are your favourite?
What did you eat for lunch today? (Baked chicken + roasted sweet taters + peanut butter sauce over a bed of spinach for me)
Any weekend plans?