Friday, April 17, 2015

Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats in Columbia Heights, DC

There are a few habits you pick up when your best friend is vegan.

Now, I have nothing against omnivores (or carnivores even) but I have noticed that I am slowly starting to eat less meat. In fact, I stopped cooking meat for myself altogether: I'm saving money and spend less time in the kitchen. And where do I get my protein? Eggs and greek yogurt have become mainstays in my diet. 

That being said, I do think that veganism is an extremely difficult lifestyle to pull off even in a city as health conscious as DC. Add onto that vegan baked goods? Good luck finding a place fully catering to all of your dessert needs.

So of course, I have to give the credit of finding Sticky Fingers all to my best friend. Who would have thought that vegan baked goods (and vegan brunch) would be so tasty? 

French toast // french bread + nutmeg + cinnamon // 5.5 
Brunch & munch is served exclusively on the weekends from opening to 2:30 PM and offerings are pretty standard for a typical brunch setting. You'd never know that it was vegan. Oh and let me just go on for a minute about the french toast: it tastes just like the Eggo French Toaster Sticks that I used to have for breakfast in elementary school. Even normal french toast doesn't taste like that! For bringing back that nostalgia? +1 

If you're feeling like getting the whole brunch bang, you can opt for the platter version of any brunch entree and includes hash browns, vegan usage, and scrambled tofu. 
Buiscuits & gravy // light & fluffy biscuits + southern style gravy + gimme-lean sausage // 5.5 
When I talk about gravy, it's probably good ol' sawmill gravy and there is absolutely nothing vegan about that stuff: flour and butter (or if bacon drippings) roux, breakfast sausage, and cream. It's absolutely heavenly and makes me want to hop onto the next plane back home. Sticky Finger's version isn't quite so stick-to-your-ribs heavy and has a heavy mushroom flavor that is smothered over two of the flakiest, most moist biscuits imaginable. You really won't be missing your butter here. Though I do miss the sausage. 

In addition to food items, Sticky Fingers also carries a selection of baked goods including cupcakes, brownies, and cookies as well as vegan prepared foods from local vendors. Yes, any vegan would have an absolute field day here and meat-eaters would be pleasantly surprised at the variety that veganism offers. No, they don't just eat salads all day. 
Dispelling vegan myths? +1
Making kick-ass food? +1
Making me super nostalgic? +1

I think that's a winner in my book.

Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats
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