Saturday, January 10, 2015

Alice's Tea Cup Chapter II in New York,


I think I've made it clear that my love for cute little things is pretty vast. 

There is something about tea that just makes me feel the utter need to throw on some some lace and a petticoat and sit with my pinkies up. You know, all in a morning's work.

Located just a few blocks from Central Park, Alice's Tea Cup is the ultimate place to indulge in those childhood tea parties I never quite took interest in (I was into Pokemon and YuGiOh because you know, being a tomboy was the cool thing to do).

The location is small, as expected of any New York City restaurant and decorated in a less morbid Alice In Wonderland Theme (because if you think about it, cheshire cat? Kinda creepy). Read: every little girl's fantasy come true. 

The tea list is extensive with a good mix of black, green, and herbal from all over the world. Even though I am much more of a coffee lover, a good cup of tea really did hit the spot. We ordered an Earl Grey and on our server's suggestion a Phoenix's Dessert Blend (Indian black tea with notes of honey, caramel, and vanilla). With a bit of milk (poured in after the tea of course) and honey, both were delicious and a decadent way to start off the morning. I'm sure British readers are currently laughing at me. 

Alice's mad morning tea for two // tea + scones + eggs + granola + yogurt // 30

I wanted to try a little bit of everything and besides, the three tiered trays just looked so princess-like so I had to get the morning tea set. The set for one costs $22, which is a hefty sum, but for $8 more you get an extra scone and mug of tea. And trust me, there is more than enough food for two people. 

Alice's has a couple of different sweet and savory scones on rotation and we decided to try one of each: cheddar-sour cream and mixed berry. There were served with some clotted cream, house-made preserves, and butter. I was much more of a fan of the sweet scone than the savory but then again, I tend to think that all scones should be sweet or else they just taste too much like a biscuit. And I'm from the South. I know my biscuits. Nonetheless, effortlessly crumbly, buttery, crunchy on the outside while maintaining a perfectly fluffy interior, these scones were delicious. Oh, and the clotted cream? It's the definition of "fat tastes good."

To be honest, prior to this meal, I have never actually had granola before. I love my oats but other than the occasional adjective to describe "hippies" it really wasn't a thing I was all to familiar with. But now I am officially a believer. Alice's bakes their granola with a touch of honey, dried apricots, cranberries, and roasted pecans. Yum. I can still hear my inner hippie sing. 

Even though it's a bit pricy for breakfast, I absolutely love my visit to Alice's Tea Cup. It's a great place for young children or to spend a few hours bonding with some girl friends while sipping on delicious tea and reliving childhood fantasies.

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