Friday, December 12, 2014

Supernova in New York, NY

It's the perfect equation for a romantic comedy: dinner surrounded by lights overlooking a bustling Times Square. 

Supernova is a chic, ultra-modern restaurant, bar, and lounge located in The Hotel Novotel just overlooking Times Square. Offering comfort food with an international twist, a killer view, and open until midnight, it's quite the spot to escape from the noisy Midtown busy down below and unwind in a trendy, urbane environment. Translation: if you're looking to make a girl swoon, there should be where you're taking her. 

Table bread and butter // complimentary 

We were given three different moderately-sized pieces of bread to share: a multigrain, a jalapeño cornbread, and a rosemary bread. My favorite was by far the rosemary; time to start experimenting with it on my own. 

Slow-roasted pork belly // homemade baked beans // 21

Whenever pork belly is offered on the menu you can be sure that it will be on the table, curtesy of BF. I normally don't like pork belly (or pork for that matter), but had a few bites because it just looked so impressive. The top skin of the belly was unbelievably crispy and just slightly salty while just underneath were layers of velvety fat. Not my cup of tea, but BF certainly did enjoy it. Unfortunately, and just by nature of the cut of meat alone, after about three quarters of the dish, the fat became all to overwhelming and BF wasn't able to finish his plate. 

Seared tuna salad // soba noodles + cucumbers + edamame + sesame miso vinaigrette // 14 

I was quite surprised by my dish, to be honest. I was expecting the typical salad, which implies leaves, but what I got was exactly what the description said! A slightly warm bed of soba noodles layered with spiralized cucumber, fresh edamame, and and fatty, perfectly seared tuna, oh wow. Can I just take a moment and oogle at that sear execution? The outside crust of my fish was crispy while the inside remained perfectly rare; it was like having a giant hunk of sashimi. Light yet filling - the perfect way to end the night. 

If you're planning on a visit to Supernova, I highly suggest coming after the sun has long set. The bright, colorful lights shining up from Times Square give a dramatic effect and makes the dinner feel just that much fancier. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Novotel Times Square
226 W 52nd St
 New York, NY 10019