Friday, December 5, 2014

Sidamo Coffee & Tea in H Street Corridor, DC

Pro tip: next time you have to catch a ride at Union Station, do yourself a favor and plan to arrive at least an hour in advance and swing by Sidamo. You're welcome.

A family-owned small coffeeshop roasting its own fair-traid (mostly) Ethiopian coffee in an eclectic but homey setting, Sidamo is a bit far from me, but I'd gladly spend a whole afternoon lingering around over a cup of their artfully brewed coffee. 

 Bacon, egg & cheese muffin // 4.95

The breakfast sandwiches here are simple but tasty. Everything is made to-order and one of the employees brought it out directly to me rather than putting it on the counter and calling out my name. It's the little things that show a business cares about its customers.

Maybe it's because I went early in the day or because its location is a bit out of the way, but Sidamo is much slower-paced than the typical DC independent coffeeshop. Most patrons had their coffee to go, so I was easily able to find a table leisurely spend my Saturday morning.

And the caffeine quality - absolutely delicious. It's velvety, bright, and fruity while still maintaining a rich body, a bit different from the Brazilian coffee that I usually get, but of flawless quality nonetheless.

My friend ordered a white chocolate mocha, which I managed to try a few sips of and enjoyed as well. While the milk and flavoring did dull down some of the more complex notes, I could still detect a distinct flavor that unmistakably comes from expertly roasted and brewed beans. I especially appreciated that the sweetness did not completely overwhelm the delicate bitterness of the brew. Nope, not a "want-some-coffee-with-your-cream-and-sugar" situation here. Faith in flavored espresso beverages restored.

Fueling my inner-hipster needs; Sidamo, I'll be back.

Sideman Coffee & Tea
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417 H St NE
 Washington, DC 20002