Monday, December 15, 2014

Dessert Story in Fairfax, VA

It's like I never left home.

Colorful bubbly decorations + cute drawings + adorably strange wall decorations + random english phrases, you know you're in a bubble tea shop. Growing up in Atlanta, this is where all the young Asian hipsters hung out. You can keep your hand-roasted fair trade coffee beans because we're living the boba life. Sensing a pattern here? Clearly I love the Fung Bros.

Dessert Story is a recently opened Asian dessert shop that serves coffee, tea, bubble tea, and various desserts and pastries. Located in the same shopping center as Bonchon Chicken and Hot Spot, it's the perfect place to end an epic Asian-food saga. 

It's clear that the main attraction here are drinks rather than food. There is a small refrigerated section with a few dessert options including Swiss rolls, mini cakes, puddings, and cake pops and while they were really cute to look at, they looked extremely generic. Or maybe I've just been spoiled by specialized patisseries lately. 

One thing I really like is that Dessert Story really takes care of its lactarded folks (guilty) and while the default base for any of the drinks is milk, you can also opt to use almond or soy milk for an additional price. 

 Thai tea + mango // 4.95

My group and I ended up buy four or five drinks for ourselves and then getting another three to take back to other friends. Between use we got mango, coconut, thai tea, strawberry and black tea. I only got to try the thai tea, coconut, and mango though and my favorite was the coconut. It's just vaguely sweet, but very rich with tiny pieces of shredded coconut scattered throughout. For any coconut lover, this is a must. 

The bubble teas here are more Korean style than Taiwanese, meaning that there is little if any tea base in the flavored teas and they are a slushy rather than a liquid drink. While I prefer Taiwanese style drinks better, it was still a nice change. 

It makes me sad to say that I will probably not go back to Dessert Story again unless I'm going to get Bonchon or Hot Spot. It's simply too far of a trek out just for some tapioca and for someone who prefers coffee to tea, just not worth it. However, I am extremely impressed with Dessert Story and it looks like a very promising spot. If you're in the area, definitely give it a try!

Dessert Story
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3238 Old Pickett Rd
 Fairfax, VA 22031