Thursday, December 25, 2014

Chobani SoHo in New York, NY

I think I've just taken my love for greek yogurt to a whole new level.

Chobani SoHo is every health-food-loving hipster's dream come true. A simple yet sleek cafe located in one of the most chic New York neighborhoods, it is the perfect place to stop by for a chic snack. 

The cafe menu takes Chobani's greek yogurt up several notches from grocery-store mass produced mediocracy and presents it in a upscale, artisanal way that makes me able to justify the hefty price markup. While it's not something I can afford as a daily afternoon snack, I would gladly come back for it again and again. 

The menu isn't too large and is comprised of sweet and savory yogurt creations, sandwiches, coffee, and tea. What I like most is that they use what I suspect to be full fat yogurt as the base, which has the creamiest, most full-bodied mouth feel imaginable. Trust me, try out full-fat greek yogurt; you'll never go back to 0% ever again. 

Pistachio + honey // pistachios + dark chocolate flakes + sliced orange + fresh men + clover honey // 4.75

I had never tried mint with my yogurt before and absolutely loved it. The decadence of the creamy yogurt base, rich dark chocolate, crunchy pistachio pieces, and bright mint notes harmonize in the most divine yogurt masterpiece. This is a combination I plan on making again and again at home.

Word on the street is that you can actually take the glass bowl home after you're done with it as a cute little souvenir. Unfortunately I didn't know at the time of my visit to try it out, but I'm definitely doing that next time I visit!

Chobani SoHo 
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150 Prince St
 New York, NY 10012