Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cafe Bonapart in Georgetown, DC

There is nothing that makes me feel fancier than starting my day with a classy breakfast. It's leisurely,  relatively inexpensive (taken subjectively of course), and I get to start off my day with something delicious. Everyone wins.

Located a bit down from M Street's touristy chaos, Cafe Bonaparte is an intimate little Parisian creperie and coffeeshop opened for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Prices are fair for Georgetown standards, but as expected from an European-style cafe, portions are dainty to say the least.

French vanilla latte // 3.25

Our server asked us whether or not we wanted whipped cream, which BF happily obliged to and what we were served was nothing short of dessert in a cup. A fancy dessert in a cup. A bit too sweet for me, but a decadent treat that will convert any non-coffee drinkers.

Cafe americano // 3.25

Cafe Bonapart serves up a quality cup of caffeine. My americano was strong and robust, but smooth enough to enjoy without any added cream and the latte was absolutely decadent. 

Freshly baked pastries // pain au chocolat // 3

There is only one thing better than flakey, warm pastries: flakey, warm pastries filled with chocolate. I'm not much of a croissant person; I like my bread developed and chewy, but BF wanted to try one, so why not? Oh man though, for a person who doesn't like croissants, this was heavenly. Crisp and flakey on the outside while maintaining a good chewy structural integrity. And the chocolate, the gooey, melty chocolate. This blew any mass-produced grocery store croissant out of the water. 

Michaelangelo omelet with egg whites // salmon + shallots + chives + dill + cream cheese // 11

I was expecting for a lox-meets-eggs type of omelet and was surprised to find chunky, cooked pieces of salmon scattered through my eggs. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the generous and meaty bites. While filling, the omelet tasted healthy and light despite the use of both cream cheese and a fatty fish. For a "feel good" sort of breakfast, this really hit the spot.

Renoir crêpe // scrambled eggs + italian sausage + green peppers + onions rolled in a crêpe topped with swiss + cheddar cheese // 9 

Smokey and hearty from the sausage and whole eggs, the renoir crêpe is small but substantial. Think a dressed up breakfast burrito: a tender but chewy crepe, flavorful sausage, and bright aromatics make for a deliciously hearty bite.

I think Cafe Bonaparte absolutely indulges my inner pretentious diva. While the food is simple, it is presented in such a fancy way that makes everything taste a bit more delicious. Pinkies up, anyone?

Cafe Bonapart
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1522 Wisconsin Ave NW
 Washington, DC 20007