Sunday, May 25, 2014

Review: Kung Fu Tea and Honey Bits in Doraville, GA

During the summer, I work as a hostess, which means my "normal" work hours are the ones that most people get off. Because of that, there are usually few places I can go to relax and chat after work, especially because I live in the middle of suburbia.

One night after work, my boyfriend, who is usually in his college town during the week for his job was able to come home a day early (he's back on the weekends, when I don't have to work all day), so he picked me up after work and I suggested trying out Kung Fu Tea because it says open pretty late (until 11 PM I believe).

More Taiwanese/Chinese style tea places have finally started popping up in Georgia and I can't be happier. So far, I have tried out Sweet Hut, Quickly, Chatime, and Snow Mountain, and now Kung Fu Tea.

Kung Fu Tea is much more like Quickly and Chatime in that it mainly specializes in drinks and offers a few savory snacks on the side, rather than Sweet Hut, which offers a wide array of baked goods. On the menu are a lot of teas that I don't find in other places including longan red dates and white gourd (or winter melon). I initially wanted to try out the red date tea to compare it to the similar one Sweet Hut offers and that I love, but I was really feeling something cold, so I decided to just get green tea, unsweet and no milk, with grass jelly. My boyfriend got a black milk tea, regular sweet. What I really like about Kung Fu Tea is that they let you customize the level of sweetness and the temperature of your drink.

The green tea was strong and because the grass jelly was sweetened, the combination provided just the right amount of sweetness without being cloying. I also tried a small sip of my boyfriend's tea and immediately cursed my lactose intolerance. IT. WAS. SO. DELICIOUS. Sweet, creamy, with just the right balance of tea. Yum.

Because Kung Fu Tea was actually quite packed and loud at 10 PM, we decided to drive across the street to Honey Bits to try out a few of the baked goods.

Located in the same shopping center was Chef Liu, Dim Sum Heaven, and BoBo Garden, Honey Bits sells cakes, Chinese sweet breads/pastries, and drinks and is just a hop and skip away from Paris Baguette, Mozart Bakery, and Sweet Hut. When we went, there were only five or six other people there, even though Sweet Hut is always packed. My boyfriend and I selected a boluobao (pineapple bun) to try out there and also got a taro mochi bun, red bean boluo bun, mango custard bun, almond custard loaf, and tiramisu bun to take home. Yeah, we got a lot of sweets, but I couldn't pass up the price. Everything came down to just around $8 for six huge pastries!

The boluobao was good as any is, but nothing too memorable. Still, because it was so inexpensive, I would definitely buy it again. I took the taro mochi and red bean boluo bun home with me and my parents devoured them for breakfast the next day before I got to try them out, but they seemed to really like them. My boyfriend said that he ended up trying out the almond custard loaf and mango custard bun with his brother and mom and they enjoyed both as well.

While the breads aren't as good as the ones at Sweet Hut (though my boyfriend begs to differ), they are a bit cheaper, so the next time I am craving for some good, Chinese style sweet bread, I'll probably choose Honey Bits over Sweet Hut. However, if I want something to drink and eat, then I'd go to Sweet Hut.

TLDR: Kung Fu Tea's black milk tea is the bomb diggaty and Honey Bits has great cheap bread. Perfect for a late night carb out session.

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